Arokaya Paramalapa Better Fit Than sorry “”     The Buddha philosophy sculpture of AROKAYA PARAMALAPA was sculpted by Mr.Thongruang Emote under his idea and Petcharat staff’s to remind customer about cause of sickness both for physical and menthol so they can avoid that and take care of their health

          1. The main picture (center) The picture of four snakes on the neck,arms,leges and waist of the human.It refers to the four elements of human body.If they are not taken good care they will bring the sickness like the snake attack

         2.The picture above The picture of Acheewoke Gomarapatra father of ancident medication and On the right the hermit that represent teacher also doctor who use the right principle ,humanity and charity with medication in ancient period.On the left ,the gaint represent the Department of public health that control modern medication that should not be like a kind of business.

.        3. The picture of the cause of sickness

         4. The Picture of the parade (below) There are four groups of people in this picture.First ,Four people carrying the stretcher refer to four elements in human body (fire,water,wind and earth).Second,the three people in the front refer the three emotions the covetous ,anger and lust that cause human to do something .third ,the one sitting on the strechter refers to human mind that controls the body .The last group ,two people in the end refer to good and bad action that the human have been done in their life so the hole picture represent that human are controlled by their mind to support their need and they will deserve for what they did.